Better & Smarter

The eFLOW All-in-One is a passionately designed electric propulsion system for boats. After studying the drive systems already on the market, we found that it could be better and smarter. After a year of research and engineering, we designed and selected the very best components that we brought together in one innovative system.  

The result is an electric drive that can rightfully call itself one of the most reliable systems. Moreover, it can be installed very quickly.

The system has been designed with great care from sketch. In addition, we have been able to integrate all possible wishes of boat owners as much as possible. For example, all integrations used are at least IP65 water resistant and also protected by the waterproof bottom of the box. The eFLOW All-in-One is made of high-quality stainless steel and a thrust bearing is part of the system.

Why the eFLOW All-in-One?

The system consists of the integrations of your choice, pre-mounted in the box and tested.
Quick installation
The system consists of only a few parts.
All integrations connected in one box, with the exception of the battery pack.
Our drive systems contain patented technology.
All cables are included and are also fitted with connectors to make installation easy.
Own survey, installation and service team on location.
Anti Theft
Both the box and the power supply can be closed with locks to protect the boat and integrations.
1 to 5 years manufacturer's warranty on modules & 1,5 years on batteries.

Made in Holland